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Tenants start petition against merger plan

Carlisle and Rural Tenants’ Federation has already voted against the plan, which would see Carlisle Housing Association (CHA) merged with others run by its Liverpool based parent company Riverside.

The group fears that CHA could be managed from Liverpool though Riverside insists that the 6,000 former council houses run by the association will continue to be managed locally.

A federation spokesman said: "There has been no proper consultation about this planned transfer and people are worried about the loss of local control and having to ring Liverpool about everything.

"Liverpool should not control Carlisle. This is purely an accounting exercise by CHA to save them money.

"But local control is far more important than saving CHA money.

"And if we lose local control, where will it all end possibly we will soon be owned by Europe like the gas and electricity companies.

"They were once local and British. Look at them now"

The petition will eventually
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It asks her to intervene and halt the plans.

It claims that CHA has failed to keep its promises to tenants and caused ‘considerable disappointment by the shocking and dictatorial way
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Riverside says that amalgamating its seven housing associations would help save money and cut down on administration.

The company has pointed out that the proposal for CHA to merge with other associations is currently the subject of public consultation and that all views will be taken into account.

There would be no job losses and any final decision would
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Carlisle city councillor Ray Bloxham has called for the plan to be put to a vote of tenants,
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In a report, Carlisle City Council said the plan should include an assurance that rental income from CHA’s housing stock should be spent within the local area and not put into a central pot.Articles Connexes:

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