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Where Did Aviator Sunglasses Come From

Many people really don’t know where the aviator sunglasses style originated. It became well known with the release of the movie Top Gun. It made its debut in this movie based on many individuals, but it’s not the entire story. It was truly about fifty years before that, that the US military asked Ray Ban to create these sunglasses for Air Force Pilots.

Pilots required protection from the sun whilst retaining visibility. They required protection all around, so it was natural to create a big pair of lenses to cover much more surface area. This style crept towards other groups of workers like the military and also the police, and eventually it has created is way down to customers. Every one had access to this wonderful searching style.

These aviator
replica ray ban sunglasses sunglasses started out becoming produced in black, but a lot more colors have been appearing since then. You’ll be able to find aviators in virtually any color, including red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, green, and far more. You can find different variations in the color of the lenses and the
fake ray bans frames. The frames come in solid colors, gradient colors, reflective colors, and even ones with special holographic images on them. The lenses are usually a thin wire one, but this style has adapted many kinds of frames as well.

A lot of major brands have taken their own twist to this style and changed the frame and lens shape too. You can even
replica ray bans get these in prescription form now.

A special type of lens called the polarized lens is also employed into the aviator style too. This lens reduces extra glare by blocking out most of the horizontal light waves that enter the glasses. It only permits waves of vertical light to go through, so you can retain clear vision.

Whichever way you look at it, Ray Bans will always be the original. They had been the first, and they popularized it
cheap ray bans with the rest of the sunglass world. This just isn’t to say that there aren’t newer, and wonderful twists taken on this aviator style. Many brands develop fantastic looking renditions of the aviator sunglasses too.Articles Connexes:

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