Snorkeling with dolphins or staying in apartment in Odessa?

odessa dolphinarium
The diversity of services and facilities made me
join the action immediately. There were lots of stunning events and scenes up
ahead, and the first one was a group of people, both children and grown-ups,
getting pictured with a young dolphin. A snapshot with a dolphin on the ramp, I
found out, would go for 100 grivnas for a group of up to 5 people; and for 200
grivnas in the pool for 1 person. Not caring much for my current financial
condition, I decided to go for it and moments later I was marveling at my own
happy face and the little dolphin’s dark intelligent eyes. A bit later I
learned that taking pictures with dolphins was only the tip of the iceberg.
Bathing and snorkeling with dolphins was just as common as being pictured with
them. However, I felt that would be too much for the day and decided to put the
adventure off for a couple of days. Now, it was time to return to my hotel and
wonder: why not rent apartment in Odessa
and stay here for good?


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