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Apartment Скарлетт
Apartment "Scarlett"
Rooms: 2
Rates from $90
Apartment Лили
Apartment "Lili"
Rooms: 2
Rates from $90
Apartment Алиса
Apartment "Alisa"
Rooms: 1
Rates from $65
Apartment Изабель
Apartment "Isabelle"
Rooms: 2
Rates from $90
Apartment Эмили
Apartment "Emilie"
Rooms: 2
Rates from $90
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Apartments in Odessa. What to Expect?

Apartments for rent in Odessa Ukraine all consist of self-contained units, with a secure front door to which each guest has sole use for the duration of their stay... »

Odessa hotels.

The best Odessa hotels provide an interesting diversity in the amenities and facilities they provide for their guest rooms... »

Odessa Ukraine apartments.

Whether you choose one of the many Odessa Ukraine apartments at the luxury end of the market, or settle for a rental at the budget end of the rental spectrum, you can guarantee that you will be ensured value for money and a comfortable, safe environment in which to enjoy your visit to Odessa. »

Places to eat when you rent apartments in Odessa

Regardless of the district of Odessa in which you rent your apartment or book hotel, you are never likely to find yourself going hungry for want of somewhere suitable to eat. Odessa is the home to cosmopolitan food fare" »

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