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The right kind of lenses can help protect eyes from sun

Forecasters say the sun will shine this summer despite a wet start. And when it does you need a good pair of sunglasses, a k a dark glasses a cool pair of shades.

To most people, 80 percent of an annual $1.5 billion industry, buying sunglasses means a quick stop for the best buy from a local convenience store, something they can put on, peer in the miniature mirror on the carousel and not see a stranger looking back at them.

Dr. Richard Smart, an Augusta optometrist, says, your homework! Sunglasses shouldn be an impulse buy. is one of, if not the first, optometrist in the state to focus on sunglasses as an important part of his practice. And not just for prescription lenses. Smart says everyone deserves quality eye wear.

His spiffy eye care center on Western Avenue is more than an optometrist office, it a retail store offering a broad selection of prescription and nonprescription eye wear and accessories.

Sunglasses are more than a simple sunscreen, Smart says, they are eye protection, filtering out damaging ultraviolet light, and preventing serious injury during work or leisure activities.

did a lot of research before I got into this. I was appalled at the people who would come in to talk about sunglasses who had no knowledge of the selection, Smart says. need the proper lenses for the proper task. is the key element in Smart prescription for selecting sunglasses.

What are you going to use them for? is the first question we ask, he says.

Professional drivers will need a different lens than
fake ray bans a lifeguard or fisherman. Different styles of frames can also have an impact on the usefulness of the selection.

The second essential in choosing good sunglasses is the visual quality the optics of the lens. Companies who have been in the ophthalmic industry know a great deal about lenses, where some sporting goods companies are only just getting into the business.

And third on the list, Smart says, is a proper physical fit of your lenses and frame. It can mean the difference of whether your glasses stay on your face or the kitchen table. They aren doing you any good if you can wear them or keep them on.

is our business. This is where we can give people the most information, says Smart. it fun. enthusiasm for his work is evident from his rapid fire explanations, down to his smiling sunburst tie, sporting what else? Sunglasses.

He and his office manager optician Gloria Flewelling Rafford are the specialists at the center. Offering advice and guidance to people making their first selection of ophthalmicly
discount ray bans correct sunglasses. Contrary to a common perception, sunglasses from the optometrist office are not overly expensive, Rafford says. Quality sunglasses crafted by reputable companies can range from $29 up to $250.

Why spend more than you might at the corner drugstore? Because ophthalmic lenses offer the same quality and optics as prescription eye wear.

However, fashion and style is often the first reason people buy sunglasses.

why I got contact lenses 20 years ago, Smart says. I could wear a cool pair of Ray Bans. say that 75 percent of all new contact wearers will buy a pair of sunglasses within two days of getting their lenses, he says.

is something here for every age and taste, Rafford says. style is not compromised in the lower priced frames. of the popular developments in eye wear is the matched sets, prescription eyeglasses that come with matching clip on sunglasses. Matching the clip on to the glasses eliminates the clip on look and creates prescription sunglasses.

When the cost is not the focus in selecting a frame for sunglasses, it is often the name.

are very name conscious, she says.

Among the popular name brands are Calvin Klein, Nikon, Bolle, Vuarnet, Coyote, Adidas and T Force.

Beyond the name, customers need to know the best lens for the frame and the function.

Everyone needs UV protection. Exposure to ultraviolet light is a major culprit in eye conditions from cataracts to snow blindness, Smart says. The UV protection should be between 90 and 100 percent, although 100 percent is difficult to achieve. In sunlight, the pupil gets smaller, reducing the amount of light. Adding sunglasses increases the size of the pupil and the amount of light received. There is an argument in the profession that wearing sunglasses without UV protection is more damaging than wearing no sunglasses at all, he says.

Polarized sunglasses offer more clarity in vision. They filter out reflection and glare aggravating light, Smart says.

Polarized lenses are advised for people who work or play around the water, ice or snow. A mirrored version is often advisable for skiers or snowmobilers who could otherwise suffer snow blindness. The same group might benefit from a wraparound frame style.

Professional drivers can benefit from blue blocker lenses. Drivers generally focus on the horizon where blue light is thickest. Blue light is a scattered light that creates distortion and haze. Eliminating the blue creates a clearer vision and reduces eye fatigue.

Photosensitive lenses are very popular, but they don fill the need of many people, Smart says. They are often too dark indoors and not dark enough outdoors. In addition, one of the newer brands is not light sensitive but temperature sensitive, making them darker when they are cold as in winter, and
replica ray bans not as dark in the summer. Photosensitive lenses don fill the need of drivers where a windshield reduces the amount of light.

The type of tints or coatings can be more specific according to the needs of the individual. Competitive shooters, for example, are a whole topic unto themselves, Smart says, requiring different lens tints for different conditions.

Another choice in ophthalmic lenses is the lens material. Impact resistent plastics come in a variety of forms for lenses. In today active world, almost anyone can benefit from
discount ray bans some form of impact resistent plastic. Polycarbonate lenses, the material used in industrial safety glasses, are by far the strongest. Cyclists and motorcycle riders often choose polycarbonates in a wraparound style with interchangeable lenses, dark for day wear and clear for night riding.Articles Connexes:

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