Renting Odessa apartments near Potemkin Stairs

Potemkin's Stairs
Strangely enough, during my nearly hundredth visit to Odessa, I felt like it was my first visit. There is something about this stunning city that makes you want to roam the same places again. Yes, the déjà vu impelled me to go for it again and discover new things in places where I had been dozens of times, and I did eventually give me tons of new impressions. That happened during of my countless descents down what was initially meant to be Odessa’s main entrance from the side of the sea – the giant Potemkin Stairs. What I saw gave me forget about Odessa apartments for many hours… However, before sharing my astonishment with you, I would like to give you a kind of historical note on this man-made wonder, which is apt to make many lazy men and women want to finally use their legs.

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