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Canada Go

communities vying for cash prizes and a touch of Olympic style glory.

Premier Gordon Campbell announced the three winners at the Tournament Capital Centre fieldhouse Wednesday, hours before the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay.

Kamloops beat Prince George, second place rival in its population category, to take third place overall.

"We never like to lose but if we have to lose, these are two pretty good communities to lose to," said Mayor Peter Milobar, sporting a red hockey jersey. "We’ve been very fortunate to embrace the whole 2010 concept."

The City receives $25,000 in cash along with two pairs of Olympic and one pair of Paralympic tickets that will be placed in a random draw for all residents to enter. The draw closes Feb. 4.

Dawson Creek receives $50,000 and Princeton takes home the gold prize of $100,000.

"We’re all winners," said Randy McLean, mayor of Princeton.

Launched a year ago in Kamloops, GamesTown encouraged residents to combine Olympic and community spirit by submitting their personal stories, videos and photos. The idea was to promote healthy living, involvement in sport and recreation, and environmental sustainability.

"I think, in the end, it was the people on your team that made the difference," Campbell told representatives of the winning communities.

The winners were selected on the basis of quality and quantity. Princeton, with
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"I know I’ve never been so proud of my community," McLean said. "Every community that participated is going to wind up feeling good about it."

In keeping with the team spirit, Campbell called Kamloops "the tournament
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Michael kors handbags outlet "Eh, O, Canada Go!"

Campbell presented each mayor with a plaque and a pair of ubiquitous Canadian Olympic red mittens.

"I sometimes lose these without a string," Milobar joked.

The premier also tipped his hat to Sen. Nancy Greene Raine, Canada’s official ambassador to the Games and part of the GamesTown judging panel.

"I think you have no idea of how her performance in 1968 touched generations of Canadians," Campbell said. "Thanks for inspiring so
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MLA Kevin Krueger, minister of tourism, culture and the arts, hinted of major government announcements to come.

"We’re in for an exciting year, not just around the Olympics but with all the things to be rolled out shortly," he said. today,
fake Michael kors handbags outlet the City will hold an online contest for residents to enter to win the Olympic or Paralympic tickets. Three lucky winners will win a pair of tickets to one of the following events:Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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