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Similarities Between Depressive Bipolar Disorders According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are five types of depressive disorders: major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, psychotic depression, postpartum depression and seasonal affective disorder. There are three main types of bipolar disorder: bipolar I, bipolar II and cyclothymic disorder. Bipolar disorders are characterized by periods of depression and mania which affect a person overall mood. Someone who suffers from bipolar I disorder will likely experience recurring bouts of major depression, while someone who suffers
Cheap jerseys from bipolar II disorder will have experienced at least one episode of major depression. With all of the depressive disorders and most of the bipolar disorders, a person will experience periods of sadness and irritability. Social and Occupational Effects These disorders usually affect people socially and occupationally. A person who depressed may not be able to get out of bed to go to work,

Crucifixion Believed Determined This tomb, carved out of rock, could be "directly connected to Jesus’ first followers, those who knew him personally, and to Jesus himself," according to researchers. Located beneath a modern condominium complex less than two miles south of the Old City of Jerusalem, this first century burial, now named "patio tomb," is
Wholesale NFL jerseys only 200 feet away from a second tomb, dubbed the "Jesus Family Tomb." Lying beneath a garden area in the same condominium complex, the burial was discovered in 1980. It contained 10 ossuaries, six of them inscribed with names associated with Jesus and his family. Critics dismissed the synchronicity of names as mere coincidence. "The object of our investigation was to determine whether the ‘patio tomb,’ still intact, might contain names or other evidence that would provide for us further data that might conceivably shed light on the adjacent ‘garden tomb’ with its intriguing cluster of names," James

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