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of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC). companies have registered their trademarks in Cuba anticipating future change allowing trade and commerce. These registrations normally come in waves during times when the possibility for change is in the news. The current policy change is likely to generate a new wave of registrations. The latter of the two particularly makes it illegal to exploit property, including intellectual property that was confiscated without compensation by the Castro government. business wishing to purchase and protect a previously confiscated Cuban trademark would
Wholesale NBA jerseys be prohibited by this Act. This is particularly significant in South Florida with its large number of confiscated trademarks such as La Ideal (retailer), Havana Club (rum) and Partagas (cigars). What changes could we see in the short term in view of this legislative barrier? While Obama cannot undo all aspects of the embargo, he still has the power to modify the regulations that govern its enforcement. Such changes could include an amendment

Female Cardinal Leads Lonely Life Birds in flight often arrange themselves in aerodynamically optimum positions, according to a new paper in the journal Nature that helps to explain how birds fly in such impressive formations. Lead researcher Steven Portugal and his colleagues focused their study on northern bald ibises, but many bird species also exhibit the amazing flight behavior. Portugal, a University of London Royal Veterinary
NFL jerseys china College researcher, told Discovery News that birds could be using three things to achieve their flying precision: "(1) vision watching the bird in flight to get all the information they need, (2) feathers sensing the changes in pressure, wind etc. they just fly around and when it feels easier/better they stay in that position."Markus Unsold A pair of ornithologists from Western Illinois University spent 15 months observing a rare northern cardinal with gynandromorphism exhibiting both male and female characteristics. Between December 2008 and March 2010, Brian D. Peer and

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